Valves & Taps

Valves & Taps

The Shimshon Tools Company provides special, variegated tools in order to produce valves, taps, connectors and a wide variety of tools and accessories for the plumbing industry, which is famously an industry requiring the manufacture of complex tools at a high finishing level, meeting high precision and surface quality standards. Shimshon Tools provides its client with special, designated tools for valves and taps, including:

  • Shaped millings;
  • Step drills;
  • Hole drills;
  • Reamers;
  • Precision drills;
  • Internal tapping knives;
  • Shaped tapping knives;
  • Knives for special external tapping;
  • And more.


The manufacture of special tools for the plumbing industry requires adherence to especially high standards as regards longevity, especially as the tools are mass produced. Shimshon Tools therefore observes quality control in producing the special tools and provides its clients with a final product with greater longevity, allowing for streamlined production lines and permitting them to save time, money and personnel.

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