The manufacture of special tools for the semiconductor industry is far from being a simple task. This field requires specialized tool made at exceptionally high standards as regards precision, surface qualities, cleanliness, impenetrability, durability and more. In order to support all of these requirements while providing a professional quality response, the Shimshon Tools Company makes every step count when it produces specialized machining tools for the semiconductors industry.

Shimshon Tools’ special tools correspond to the flexibility required when manufacturing tools for semiconductors. A designated department serves clients from the industry within the company factories, in full awareness of the requirements and challenges related to the project.

As required in the semiconductors field, Shimshon Tools manufactures special machining tools at the greatest level of precision and with surface qualities made according to noncompromising standards. The machining tools have further advantages, such as longevity and work with various raw materials, according to the client’s requirements. The Shimshon Tools Company is very experienced in working with subcontractors in the semiconductors field. It uses CNC machines with seven axes, which stand at the forefront of technology.

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