Optic & Photonics

Optic & Photonics

The production of special machining tools in the field of electronics requires an especially high level of knowledge in the production of step drills, tiny mills, reamers, disc millings, grooving tools and more. As precision and surface quality are central elements in the production of special tools in the field of electronics, Shimshon Tools observes noncompromising standards, both as regards engineering and development and in every manufacturing stage.

The Shimshon Tools Company supplies specialized tools for precision bores and works with subcontractors who manufacture equipment for the leading electronics company in the world. Shimshon Tools’ precise machining tools assist the company clients in meeting the strict standards required in the electronics industry. Shimshon Tools prides itself on variegated manufacturing capabilities of custom-made machining tools for the field of electronics,  both according to drawings of the final product and according to a preliminary drawing of the machining tool itself.

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