Shimshon Tools is a company specializing in advanced solutions for producing unique tailor-made machining tools, according to the client’s specifications. The company was founded over 10 years ago and its wide client basis includes leading Israeli and foreign subcontractors and manufacturers. Shimshon Tools’ clients come from various industries such as medicine, dentistry, semiconductors, plumbing, electronics, aluminum, orthopedics and more.

Shimshon Tools is a subsidiary company of the Shimshon Mechanics Company which was founded about 25 years ago, and which is considered to be one of the leading machining companies in Israel. The decision to found Shimshon Tools was borne of the need to provide solutions for clients who needed special, custom made machining tools.

Shimshon Tools is capable of manufacturing both special machining tools made according to drawings of the machining tools, and designated tools, planned according to drawings of the final product. The engineering and development department of the company suggests turn-key solutions to complex projects, and accompanies both isolated products and wide-ranging projects.

Our clients avail themselves of the special tools manufactures in the Shimshon Tools factories, in order to provide services to the largest, leading companies worldwide, in a variety of industries. Shimshon Tools prides itself on great production capacities, with capabilities to produce single items and tools within especially short reaction times and production times.

The Shimshon Tools Company has some of the most machines in the world, for production of machining tools, which are equipped with seven axes. Quality control is carried out using exceptionally strict standards, using advanced machinery. The products are exhaustively controlled and are delivered to the client at a finishing standard of 100%, packaged and marked with a specific catalogue number.

In order to stand at the forefront of technology in field, Shimshon Tools’ engineers and executives frequently visit the major trade fairs in the world and constantly strive to improve the level of service offered to its clients. The tools manufactured by the Shimshon Tools Company present precision levels starting from 0.002 micrometer and especially high surface qualities.


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