SHR SERIES -  solid carbide reamrs

SHR SERIES - solid carbide reamrs


SH-R H6 D10 x 30 x 38 x 73

  • Solid carbide reamers
  • Straigh flutes
  • Spiral flutes by demand


SHR series can be made in a wide range of tolerances

This item can be produced in special dimensions by customer requirements


The effect of spiral angle

Spiral direction


Straight blade  (0°)

  • Surface is generally poor except cast iron

Right twist blade  

  • Excellent machinability and easy to discharge chip
  • Applicable work piece range is wide
  • Excellent for high hardness work piece
  • Good for blinded holes

Left twist blade

  • Excellent surface roughness for work piece of aluminum alloys aluminum alloys , cooper and cooper alloys .
  • It is good for machine soft material
  • Good for pass holes
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