What are the delivery time frames in the manufacture of special tools?

In the Shimshon Tools Company we are well aware that quality production of special tools is but one aspect of client service. An equally important element in the industry is availability and production speed. Shimshon Tools has instated noncompromising standards of delivery times averaging three working days (shipment and coating excluded).

Does the company distribute and export machining tools abroad?

Shimshon Tools is one of the leading players in Israel in the production of special tools. In view of its achievements and capabilities, and thanks to a highly innovative cutting-edge technology, the company products are marketed and exported to factories around the world. The Shimshon Tools Company has a worldwide panoply of clients and is capable of exporting special tools to any point on the globe.

What are the materials the company is capable of processing?

Shimshon Tools processes the following types of tools: hard metal, high speed (HSS), cobalt chrome, Stansteel and PCD-CBN coatings, and this both of the special tools and orthopedical tools fields. The capability to process all of these raw materials allows Shimshon Tools to be a credible, quality supplier for all contractors in the CNC industry.

How should I contact the company representatives and how do they interface with the client?

In the Shimshon Tools Company, service is the first consideration. The Company believes that availability to the client is an inseparable part of any project – through phones, the client service department, a website, email, fax, SMS and more. In urgent, complex projects, clients enjoy availability even beyond the normal working hours.

Who are the company’s raw materials suppliers?

Shimshon Tools’ raw materials suppliers are leading European suppliers. The choice of suppliers is entirely quality-based (even when this means higher fees). This policy is derived from an understanding that a high-standard product could only result from work with superb suppliers.

Can you manufacture custom-made special tools?

The Shimshon Tools Company prides itself in the manufacture of custom-made special machining tools. The company does not use standard catalogues – it provides its clients with solutions for the manufacture of tools, even complex and unique tools, according to drawings.

Are the tools manufactured according to drawings of machining tools, or of the final part?

The Shimshon Tools Company is capable of producing special machining tools according to the drawing of the machining tool, as well as machining tools which are planned in the company’s engineering department based on the plans for the final product. In this respect, Shimshon Tools provides its clients with a solution for the manufacture of special tools at the turn-key level.

Is there an option of having the tools coated?

The Shimshon Tools Company is ready to provide its clients with PVD coating (vacuum coating) services in a variety of types, including TIN, TICN, TIALN and more.

What is the diameter range which may be produced in the company factory?

The Shimshon Tools Company is capable of producing tools at a wide range of diameters, such as to provide solutions for all industrial needs and all client requirements. The diameters produced at the company factories range between 0.7mm and 32mm (solid tools).

What are the precision levels available in the manufacture of reamers at the factory?

The Shimshon Tools Company produces reamers in high precision levels, starting from 0.002 micrometer.

What is the greatest length of machining tools produced at the company?

The greatest length of special machining tools produced at the Shimshon Tools factory is 330 mm. This is the greatest length needed to meet every client requirement as regards the production of special machining tools.

Is it possible to manufacture tools with cooling holes through the spindle?

Yes, of course! The Shimshon Tools Company keeps raw materials with both spiral cooling holes and a central cooling hole. This fact makes it possible for the company to produce special tools at a variety of diameters, with cooling holes through the spindle.

How does the Shimshon Tools Company support consistent serial production?

The company has numerous clients who consistently work with the company and needs long-range production at a uniform standard. Shimshon Tools invests great efforts in providing solutions for consistent serial production, among other things by branding a unique catalogue number upon each and every product, tracking with the ERP software, keeping quality assurance archives and more. The company creates a product file for each specific tool, with every possible bit of information.

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