Shimshon Tools is a leading international firm which specializes in the manufacture of quality cutting tools for precise machining, by advanced, computer-controlled CNC machines. The company has over 25 years’ experience and a factory spanning an area of about 1,000 sqm. Throughout the years we have gained ourselves a reputation, among other things thanks to our services in the field of dentistry. Shimshon Tools’ dentistry products set a quality standard with their exceptional precision levels. We provide our clients with solutions on two levels:

  1. Production of machining tools for the manufacture of dental implants and accessories – Shimshon Tools specializes in the manufacture of punching tongs (both hexagonal and Torx) and provides solutions for the manufacture of hard metal tools and HSS tools at a variety of measurements. We produce custom-made internal and external milling threads according to the client’s requirements, as well as step drills, cone milling and shaped millings with a wide variety of applications and for various accessories.
  2. Gauges – Shimshon Tools has become well known in the dental industry, in the manufacture of quality control gauges. We produce gauges at a variety of geometric shapes, according to the client’s and the gauge’s measurement method. The gauges are calibrated at the company factory and are produced at precise tolerances, down to the 2 micrometer level.


The Shimshon Tools Company is very knowledgeable and highly experienced in themanufacture of tools, accessories and gauges for the dental industry – also as concerns the level of development of the machining tools and the manufacture of dental parts and dental products. The company works with numerous Israeli and international clients and produces concomitantly for small and medium-sized subcontractors and agents.


Worth knowing!

Our advantages in the dental field stand out mainly thanks to our wide range of solutions made available to our clients. In order to provide solutions for a variety of products, some easily manufactured and others, more complex and requiring specific expertise, Shimshon Tools invests funds and resources in the best machines and the most professional staff. In dentistry, this is even more so, as medical requirements are very exacting and become ever stricter as time goes by.

Thanks to our special technologies, we are capable of carrying out numerous actions in parallel, and guarantee high surface qualities and relevant osculations. Our clients enjoy swift, professional service as we have numerous tools as COTS. Apart from that, Shimshon Tools have proven ability to rapidly produce special tools on-demand


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