Shimshon Tools, one of the leading manufacturers of specialized machining tools, was established as a subsidiary of the Shimshon Mechanics Company, which has operated a factory for machining and machining solutions for over 30 years. In fact, Shimshon Tools was established in response to a need and demand for special machining tools, a need we knew well (and still know) from first hand experience. Our many years of experience in the world of machining enable us to manufacture advanced and special tools for any challenge or project.

Today, even more than ever, Shimshon Tools operates in full synergy with Shimshon Mechanics. At the company’s factory we also produce special chipping tools for our own projects, and we are well aware of the latest changes in the industry. This technological dialogue enables us to benefit from a factory for the manufacture of chipping tools, operating together with a “living laboratory” that presents the customer’s point of view.

Shimshon Tools is on of the oldest factories in Israel for the manufacture of special tools for machining and for the past 10 years we have been manufacturing chipping tools for leading enterprises throughout the world. The extensive professional experience we have accumulated has taught us that quality is the parameter to be adhered to with a strict “zero errors” policy. Every single project undertaken at the Shimshon Tools factory is based on the concept that chipping tools must be of the highest quality, with a long lifespan, precise and must comply with uncompromising standards.

At the macro level Shimshon Tools supplies an appropriate response to all the needs characterizing the machining industry as a whole, and at the micro level, we respond to the needs of our clients who require special tools for specific industries (such as dentistry, orthopedics, electronics and so on). Shimshon Tools is justifiably proud of an extraordinary combination of experience on one hand and groundbreaking technological innovation on the other hand.

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